German shorthaired pointers: Vladimír Blaha

Norfolk terriers:
Helena Blahová
Hraniční 2
785 01  Šternberk

Czech Republic

phone: +420 725 524 725




Our kennel was founded in 1985 as „Šternberk“, but because of FCI there was change in name since 1996. The kennel was named as „Moravský Šternberk“.

We know that there isn't any town named „moravský“ Šternberk on the maps, but we wanted to preserve a fragment of the original name at least. The name „moravský“ is pointing to Šternberk near Olomouc, that is really in the Moravian region and not to more famous city in Bohemia named Český Šternberk.

Since 1985 till the end of the nineties our kennel bred mainly Basset hounds and Erdélyi Kopó (this breed is from Hungary – we intruduced it as the first breeders in Czech Republic) and since 1990 we breed the German shorthaired pointers.

In the present the kennel Ferus Vesper is breeding the Norfolk terriers and the kennel Moravský Šternberk is breeding the Greman shorthaired pointers.

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